Pedestrian Bridges Albesti 2015

Pedestrian Bridges Albesti 2015

Pedestrian Bridges Albesti 2015.

Providing in their needs builds bridges between the local people and us. But what if that need appears to be a real pedestrian bridge?

We don’t go looking for projects but we listen to the local people and their needs. That way, we want to build bridges, only this time it was a real bridge.The people of Albesti, mostly elderly people and parents with small children, told us they had wanted a pedestrian bridge for a long time because they wanted to cross the river without having to make a detour or use stepping stones to get across the river.Together with a local lumber company were not able to build one but two bridges!

Special thanks to

Our great team Jean Vincent Ayaoyi, Jan Molenaar and Ligia.
Primary School Noord Hulste who set up a project to support us financially.
Additional gifts from several people.

.... We apologise if we forgot to mention your support. Please tell us and we’ll adjust.