Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Repairing the roof of Speranta.

Three weeks in Romania with Han and Annie.

We didn’t have any plans but soon the orders came.

Our stay started in Valchid where we inaugurated two wells together with the local mayor. We took the time to tighten our contacts. Geert got to preach in church on Sunday. We also bought a cow to provide five families with milk. In exchange they have to provide the hay.

In a neighbouring village, Albesti, we constructed two other wells: a very poor Roma area, no water supplies, no help was ever offered and at least 150 children live there. The local mayor was present here as well and we could exchange ideas. We also got a patch of land assigned. Also this happened in cooperation with Ligia (responsible for Metro Ministries Romania) who has a great heart for the Roma people in the Sighisoara environment.

From Valchid we drove to Dirk and Nicole to give them a hand. Geert built a toilet near Speranta, the house where programmes for children are organized. The roof was repaired as well by Han and some locals. Hard work. Annie and Krista were there for support and helped with the cleaning up which is quite a lot of work, Nicole otherwise has to do by herself. They also provided a programme for the Roma children and visited some families.

We also visited Johan and Marijke who have already accomplished a lot of things. A new church is being built.

Back to Valchid to enjoy the warm contacts with the local people. The people are very talkative so there is no getting out of it. Krista took care of a children’s programme. The topic was water. We were able to teach the children how to brush their teeth and gave all the children a toothbrush and some toothpaste. We also handed out clothing and medication.
A visit to a spa with warm salt baths was a pleasant change.
In the end we also started constructing a bathroom for a family with eleven children.